• Spike91347


    May 28, 2012 by Spike91347

    Ok guys

    Well I am here to say that over 100 of you emailed us wanting to be a admin. I am here to say right now that no one can become a admin except for people who work for itsum (the company that created EITC).

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  • Reporter20

    Hello Lord James here

    Well at the moment the only ranks in the EITC game is

    • EITC cadet
    • EITC guard
    • and EITC boss (if you get high enough)

    Now coming soon we are adding some new ranks

    Captain, First mate, Officer, Quartermaster and even Slave! It will be amazing and if that does not suit you standards we will also be adding some new ships to the test server for testers to test out and they should be on the public servers early next year. Enjoy your trading Lord James PS. Only staff can be a lord for now.

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